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This is a short story about what happens when a control freak project manager and her OCD level detail-oriented husband decide to re-do their yard during the peak time of the year (don’t worry, it has a happy ending!). Did I mention our yard is just slightly bigger than a postage stamp and had a slope going through it that made it take us about 2-3 hours to mow? Or that there was an old, questionable sandbox that my two year old was obsessed with leading to constant power struggles? Yeah, we were done! 

So I reached out to about 7 landscaping design companies recommended to us by others and got either no response at all or companies refusing to even look at the project unless we were willing to pay a ton of money. Not knowing what to do, I took a gamble and went to Yelp and saw Elements Landscape Design. To be honest, I was extremely nervous about working with a company that I didn’t know or have a connection to but David responded right away, asked to come see the space, and really took the time to listen to what we wanted.

We have an HOA and had to get all the plans into them very quickly in order to get the project approved in time. David was really busy but did his best to get us what we needed. His crew started a week earlier than expected which was great. They were friendly and hard-working and did a beautiful job. David and his crew completely transformed our yard! They leveled it, put in pavers, overlayed a deck on top of our concrete patio and added the most beautiful low maintenance plants. David’s wife even surprised us with the most gorgeous decor for the new deck!

Now, remember my OCD husband I mentioned earlier? His “quality control” inspection is always my most feared and hated part of any home improvement project. And I was dreading having to ask David to do things like “even out the wood screws on the deck so that they’re all exactly flush with the decking” or “clean the pea gravel to get rid of any remaining saw dust” but David was so nice about it and took care of it no problem, checking back in to make sure we were happy with everything. 

Our yard went from being a place of stress to being the place we seek out at the end of our workdays and relax in on the weekends and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Bellevue, WA

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We are in love with the work you did…the best money we have ever spent. I wanted to thank you(3yrs later) for the work you did.  It has become a place my wife and I spend many many hours talking and hanging out, not to mention the countless gatherings we have had 🍻. I could not have imagined what a place like this could have done for me and my family… your vision made it possible!!


Thanks so much


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David transformed my backyard into a beautiful and enjoyable space as I wished for a long time. My small backyard sloped enough to make it not possible to use. Grading and landscape were needed so my family could enjoy the space. The main reason that I had been putting off for many years was the horror stories of bad contractors and failed projects I heard from Facebook posts or friends. This summer however I was determined to start my project. My kids needed some outside space to run and play. My wife and I needed a place for sitting and relaxing. It was so lucky for me to find David on Yelp. Among other big companies I contacted, he was quite different as he came back with a detailed estimate and plan with his great ideas to make a great outdoor space for me. He also came up with a solution to work within my budget instead of simply saying “your budget is not enough for the job” like others did. His plan and proposal were well scripted so that HOA almost instantly approved my project.

David was also honest with me regarding the cost and charges. For example, I changed the brand of paver stone and expected some extra charge. He called me back and said there would be no extra charge because the cost was about the same. Whenever I made some changes during construction he kindly explained the extra charges that could occur. Some changes are done without any additional charge. Most importantly he did not cost me any hidden charges that was not discussed on the proposal. David himself made trips to my place for a few days to wrap up the project to meet his standard. Through the construction he strived to produce the best result for me and he truly did. He was nice and easy to communicate with and listened to what I wanted and was concerned about. A gift from his wife made us very happy and surprised. It was like they congratulated on the new outdoor space for my family. I definitely recommend him to anyone who wants a passionate landscape designer. 

Puyallup, WA

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We recently worked with David & his crew to replace an existing fence and build out a new patio space. When we met with David we talked about the project and gave him a sketch of what we had in mind (a large patio w/ a dedicated fire pit sitting area, including some seating). He got back to us a week later with his estimate and after comparing the plans, materials, and price we decided to move forward with the project. It was estimated to take about two weeks, but the actual timeline was just under three weeks, due to weather and waiting on some materials. David & his team really impressed us by working over the weekends to make sure they got the patio complete for us in a timely manner. David provided daily updates via text letting us know where they were at the end of each day, and always provided timely responses to our questions. He also gave great suggestions and recommendations, which elevated the end result. We couldn’t be happier and find ourselves spending a lot of time enjoying the space! Thanks to everyone at Elements Landscape Design Build for all of their hard work! 

David and his team were great. They built a fence to close in my front yard for my dog. They also built a patio and path in the back yard so we will be able to actually use our backyard. He took care with each step that things were done right. He was always willing to pause and or rework to get things exactly how I wanted it.

David also does excellent plans of the work before he starts. Make sure to get those before he starts working because you’d be surprised how many details can be easily overlooked.


Seattle, WA